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Before staring this website I started to share my photos and images on WA in this tutorial however when I saw the fast growing popularity of the tutorial I’ve decided to make this website where I will share not only Internet Marketing related images but many others.


The main reason for sharing theses images?

To make your life easier. This comes from my WA tutorial:

So here is the thing; We know it is very risky to use images from the internet, many don’t have a credible source, many come with copyrights and many just cost a lot of money. I normally create my own images or photos in order to use them for my blogs.

I am not a designer or a professional photographer, I don’t know how to properly use Photoshop but I try to do what I can do. I have decided to share my images/photos with Wealthy Affiliate members, free of charge. You do not need to link back to me or give me credit – just save the images you like and use them.


How to use this site?

  1. You CAN use this images, share them, edit them, etc.
  2. You can NOT sell these images.
  3. You do NOT need to mention the author (me).
  4. You do not need to link back to me either.
  5. If I had one request, I would like to ask you to not share these photos on other image directories (obviously)m let’s try to keep it for WA members.

First of all, you will find the blue button in the top right corner of this webiste; Browse a Category.


Use this button to see all the available image categories on the site. Select a category you are interested in and you will be directed to a page with posts in the category.

Click on the Read More >>  on any of the posts to see all the available images within that post:


Then save the image(s) you like. Some images have been re-sized so if they look abnormal on the blog, simply click on the image to see it (and save it) full size.







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  1. I think this is great and generous idea Alex! Thank you so much for your generosity in providing this platform.


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